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  • You guys are great! AG (BZ and KB feel the same, I'm sure)

To do:

1. sequencing on pBANANAs- DONE

2. colony PCR on 120.320, 200.400, and 250.400 transformants (COLONIES ON EACH PLATE!!!)- DONE

3. colony PCR on 800 transformants (COLONIES ON EACH PLATE!!!)- DONE

4. LC ALL transformants- DONE

5. update google doc of progress on parts- DONE (To see this, go to http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p7ERE8E5kg5IfAO81gmTSCA)

6. meet with Veena to discuss plan for tomorrow's meeting- DONE

7. contact Stephanopoulos lab about GC- DONE

8. LC Indole-Knockout cells (COLONIES GREW ON PLATE)- DONE

9. miniprep and glycerol old J45170- DONE

10. run gels on colony PCRs and analyze them- DONE