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Results from Colony PCR

J45180- It seems safe to say that this structure is just osmY+inverter-R0040 since we got multiple bands that were merely of this length from multiple colonies which matched the sequencing results. The good news is that I was able to track down a glycerol containing the part osmY.inverter.J45119 (J45170), which allegedly had good sequencing results. I will streak this onto a plate tonight.

J45800- some bands were correct from these colony PCRs. I will miniprep the proper colonies and then run a gel of the DNA. Then, I can gel extract the proper bands.

Results from Smell Test

J45200 and J45250 smell like bananas. The three J45120 cultures smell like mint.

What to do:

J45120- miniprep cultures today for sequencing Tuesday- DONE and glycerol them.- DONE See J45400.

J45180- ask Reshma about where she obtained J45180.- DONE In the meantime, streak J45170 onto a plate.- DONE

J45200- smells! See J45400

J45250- smells! See J45400

J45320- correct. Wait until J45180 works until connecting. See J45400.

J45400- ask for top 10 competent cells. Whenever you obtain them, you can connect J45400 to J45200 and J45250. In the meantime, you can digest all of them.- DONE The same is true for J45120 and J45320 after J45120 is miniprepped.- DONE

pBANANA- miniprep cultures tomorrow for sequencing Tuesday.

J45800- I will miniprep the proper colonies- DONE and glycerol them- DONE and then run a gel of the DNA after digestion with PstI- DONE Then, I can gel extract the proper bands.