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Results from Yesterday

Registry Parts- J45120, J45200, J45320, and J45700 all grew up on the appropriate plates and did not grow on others.

J45250 grew up on both AMP/TET and AMP/CHL, and J45900 (the Indole-Knockout Strain) grew up on AMP/CHL.

J45180 plate- growth on plate and LC of multiple colonies. Also, growth in the LC of the single colony. No growth from plated single colony.

J45400- I have a streak of this part.

All of Jason's parts did not grow up on AMP, AMP/KAN, AMP/CHL, or AMP/TET.


1. Miniprepped- DONE, sequenced- DONE and made glycerols of J45120, J45200, J45320, and J45700- DONE

2. Made KAN, CHL, and TET plates- DONE and streaked Jason's parts on KAN, CHL, and TET plates- DONE

3. Streaked J45180 on AMP/KAN, AMP/CHL, and AMP/TET- DONE and made a glycerol of it- DONE

4. Made LC of J45400- DONE and streaked on AMP/KAN, AMP/CHL, and AMP/TET- DONE

5. Miniprepped J45250- DONE and retransformed onto AMP/CHL- DONE

6. Transformed two J45800 hopefuls- DONE

7. Found Indole-Knockout strain- NOT DONE

Mistake- SORRY

J45120 showed growth on both plates, and J45250 did not. The good news is that I can just retransform J45120 instead of J45250 tonight and made a glycerol of it. Also, I was able to turn in the sequencing tubes of J45250 by the end of the day.