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To Do

  1. check sequences (dye blob re-runs should be in from 9/1 order) - done (KB)
  2. pellet new yeast cells: bake with 1 pellet and resuspend 2nd in milk - done (KB)
  3. glycerol any of the LCs in fridge that look good post this second sequence analysis (299A, 319ABC are good) - done (KB)
    • discard of confirmed bad dna and glycerols! - done (KB)
  4. glycerol 3 additional LCs of the 399-1s and glycerol y0078/y0080- done (KB)
  5. make LCs from sketchy 400 plates: (1 colonies: ligation 3, 5 colonies: ligation 4, other plates seem to be too contaminated and overgrown) - done (SP)
  6. Y0080 and Y0078 yeast vectors - done (SP)
    • miniprep
    • digest with XS
      • pcr clean-up