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  1. check sequencing -pretty much done, still need to look more closely at the last couple though
    • throw out all bad dna and glycerols -done:KB
  2. miniprep 12 potentially good ones -done
  3. nanodrop minipreps + make 12 glycerols -done
  4. 24 sample sequence order -done
  5. make more LCs from the 399:1 (in A/C) and 320:c plates (in A/T) -done
    • picked 3 more colonies from each = 6 total
  6. make LCs of two yeast YCP vectors (forgot to put them in rotator on 9/6) -done
  7. buy ingredients and bake bread -done, but the yeast was prob already dead cuz i didn't have milk yesterday. I wanted to test the machine anyways so i ran the recipe. at least we will find out what bad bread looks like! i also regrew the yeast in YEPD so I can try baking again on 9/8 or 9/9