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Work to be Done:

1. DpnI digest, PCR cleanup and transform 30.bat2.30.thi3 muts

2. Digest the original 30.bat2.30.thi3s with XP and connect them to ES cut R0011 in AC backbone and 3K3 backbone -done

3. Also, transform the ligation said above (in both plasmids) with the BSGD devices using triple antibiotic plates -done

4. Ligate and transform SAGD and WGD together -done

5. Check the two sequencing results -done, both good (kb), should LC w/substrate and smell to be extra sure tho

6. Maybe religate and transform ATF1 into yeast plasmid -done

I can come in for only a little bit on Sunday unfortunately. Who else can come in? It'd be great if we could do this all this weekend.