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to do

  1. analyze 24 sample sequence order (contains 399s and 320s) -done: KB, but would love for somebody else to check also
    • pending these sequences: we should (if neccesary) miniprep/sequence duplicates to try again
    • glycerol/miniprep/sequence any possibly correct 400 LCs in fridge
  2. do antartic phosphotase step to y0078:xs and y0080:xs digests from 9/9 -done, SP
  3. ligate y0078 and 70080 to J45014:XS (already cut and ready to go in corner of orange digest tray) -done, SP
  4. transform yeast vector constructs in regular top10 e.coli -done, SP and VV
  5. start LCs for testing osmY-inverter in the plate reader -done, KB: put 7 tubes into 37 room