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to do

  1. take out colony PCR index plates (3 of them) done, in the fridge
  2. miniprep B0030+ATF1+B0015 and B0030+BSMT+B0015, and make glycerols done, in the freezer
  3. liquid culture transformants [done at 4:30PM, in the 37 deg room, ask me (veena) if you have questions about what's what when you're miniprepping tomorrow, kate :) note that three of the B0030.ATF1.B0015 tubes are actually B0032.ATF1.B0015 tubes, but I'm not sure which three those are because there were two plates labeled B0030.ATF1.B0015 and no plates labeled B0032.ATF1.B0015.]


  • pUC18 control: TONS!
  • osmY+E0840: 1 colony [A]
  • osmY biobricked: 3 colonies, but colonies B and C were kinda grown together, so keep that in mind [A, B, C]
  • B0030.ATF1.B0015 #1: 10 colonies [D, E, F]
  • B0030.ATF1.B0015 #2: 5 colonies [A, B, C]
  • BAT2 biobricked: ~50 colonies [A, B, C]
  • B0030.BSMT.B0015: 1 colony [A]
  • B0032.BSMT.B0015: 9 colonies [A, B, C]