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to do

  1. analyze sequencing results mid-morning - done
    • then miniprep/sequence all new rbs.pchBA.term LCs that could still possibly have R0011 attached and throw out bad - all failed to attach an rbs, so are starting over assembly from pchBA.Term-mut glycerol that we think is correct
    • check for which osmY-Q-J.xxx structures look good and throw out bad - incomplete sequencing results, but O-Q-119B is good and potentially O-Q-199A is too
  2. glycerol pE3/pE3R (plus miniprep) and YYC912 IK strain - done, but pE3 had a low miniprep concentration
  3. glycerol with nice labels, miniprep, sequence final bb-construct parts (6) to doublecheck their integrity - done, but realized that the J45396 is not a mutagenized construct - made a new correct LC
  4. make iGEM yeast LC (one big for pelleting/baking and one small for miniprepping/digesting/ligating) - done, and bread machine has arrived
  5. 3-part assemble/transform B0015 with the 2 correctly mutagenized/ES digested 30.Bat2.30.THI3 - done
  6. add methyl salicylate to pseudomonas cells (if grown-up enough) and see if it is readily degraded - done

today's time line

  1. first: remove all LCs
  2. second: analyze sequencing
  3. third: minipreps and glycerols
  4. fourth: sequencing
  5. fifth: ligations/transformations