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  1. re-ordered pms primers to PCR out the entire SA-generating device from plasmid pE3/pE3R
  2. miniprepped 12 30.Bat2.30.THI3 mutagenesis attempts -- ran gel: 2 correct
    • threw out bad ones
  3. analyzed sequencing:
    • one shuttle vector construct correct pUCP22-100-C
    • Q-E0840-A, Q-119-C, Q-199-C correct
    • threw out bad ones
  4. LCed new CHA0 pseudomonas strain, YYC912, pE3, pE3R
  5. try to figure out/organize mystery tubes/glycerols using digest/ligation sheets and plates
    • found lots of poorly labeled tubes (i.e. no date or description)