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  1. Made more indole-knockout competent cells
  2. Cut the 8 additional pCHBA.B0015 mutants from 8/17 and found none of them to be correct
  3. Made LCs of new pCHBA.B0015 mutants, 30.BAT2.30.THI3 mutants, and osmY Inverter structures
  4. Had a meeting with advisors discussing long-term goals
  5. Plated new Indole-knockouts to make an LC tomorrow
  6. Found that the osmY-Smell Structures that did not smell at the start of last night smelled this morning
  7. Started a new plate reader experiment comparing the fluorescences and ODs of R0040.E0840, osmY.E0840 (SO), osmY.E0840 (SN), osmY.E0840 (FN), and control, non-fluorescing cells
  8. Started new smelling experiments involving the R0011, R0040, and osmY-Smell Structures
  9. Took out the yeast from the 30 degree room
  10. Grew up Pseudomonas on freshly-made media