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SAGD stuff

  1. 16 minipreps of pchBA-B0015 muts
  2. digestions:
    • pchBA-B0015 muts with: XP (RUN A GEL!! b/c pchA has a PstI site)
  3. ligations: all good
  4. transformations: on A/C plates

IAGD stuff

  1. digestions:
    • good 30-Bat2-30 with: ES- i'd still do this and ligate it to thi3
    • THI3 with: XP


  1. Kate: minipreps of pchBA and LC/glycerol of Q04400 and pUCP22 -done
    • miniprepped 15 pchBA-B0015 muts plus Q04400 -- all good concentrations. i re-labeled the muts 1-15. do not bleach the LC tubes so that we can keep track of the ABC system if needed.
    • Veena: did not make any glycerols b/c it makes sense to wait and glycerol good ones after reading gel in pm
    • Veena/Stephen: did not select colonies for LCs b/c it is too early (risk overgrowing Kate/Bo think) so have labeled and poured 21 LC tubes with proper LB -- if someone in pm could put in colonies would be good
    • Call me with any questions
  2. Stephen: plate reader and osmY analysis (+ sunday)
  3. Andre: LCs of IK plates and Glycerols of IK cells without substrate, smelling of IK cells with substrate, set-up new experiments (??)
  4. Bo: 18 digests, pour and load 2 gels
  5. Veena: read gel, design good ligations (remember to connect both RBS), ligate, transformation