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to do

  1. LC the "banana cells" and the "mint cells"...cells w/ both precursor & product generation!! : )
    • pick colonies and LC from the 2 ligations above...should be 8 plates to LC (4 in top10 and 4 in IK). we probably want to do a ridiculous amount of LCs from the 250/400 plates b/c there probably won't be very many that are correct, and we'll instantly be able to tell which are right and which are wrong so it doesn't hurt to do a lot of them. [i REALLY hope there are transformants this time!!]
    • (AG) I don't know if it is such a good idea to start them so early. Is anyone gonna be around later in the day? I'm coming in, hopefully, around 9AM. -André
    • (KB)I made the LCs at 1 pm. transformants were scarce, but made 8 "mint" IK LCs and 1 sketchy "banana" top10 LC.
  2. isolate the IAGD: Veena
    • plate a few cells from each colony of transformants on an A/C plate
    • LC the colonies that didn't grow on the A/C plate
      • (KB) there are only 3 transformants. I am going to LC each in Kan and A/C (rather than plate). We will know tomorrow if any are Kan^+ and A/C^-, and this way you won't need to come back in today to do the 3 hour plating/growing step.

List of Parts/Numbers

396: 30.BAT2 (w/ B mut)

397: 30.BAT2.30 (w/ B mut)

398: 30.BAT2.30.THI3 (w/ B, T muts)

  • (KB): we actually never mutated the T (successfully)

399: 30.BAT2.30.THI3.15 (w/ B, T muts)

  • (KB): we never attached a terminator/made this part

400: Prom.30.BAT2.30.THI3.15 (w/ B, T muts)

  • (KB): we actually never mutated the T (successfully)

298: pchBA.15 (w/ pA mut)

299: 30.pchBA.15 (w/ pA mut)

300: Prom.30.pchBA.15 (w/ pA mut)

319: 32.pchBA.15

320: Prom.32.pchBA.15

Are the glycerols the only parts that we actually have?

  • (KB): yes. make sure to check the new box for more recent parts (like inverter stuff, etc.)

Also, whenever I streak these, should I just streak the IKs if there is an IK version and non-IK version?

  • (KB): isn't megean just going to extract the dna?? so does it matter? i'd say use IK anyway though.

General Part Status Report

It makes a lot more sense for this to be done in Excel. I will do this and put it on in a bit. -André

  • (KB): cool. thanks!