IGEM:MIT/2005/Week of 9/21 and 10/1

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Team Name/Project Name

-Team names:

  1. Jenny -


Synthetically Created for Viability (SCfV)




-Project name:

  1. Annie -


-By Oct. 4:

  • Have an approximate division of labor laid out.

-By Oct. 11:

  • Team members present rough ideas/outlines to other team members (and possibly advisors) for advice/input/commentary.

-By Oct.25:

  • draft of presentation
  • present to advisors --> get input

-By Nov.1:

  • revised presentation
  • present to advisors --> final touches

-Till Nov.5: revise as necessary and practice delivering presentation together

Powerpoint presentation [[../../../Http://web.mit.edu/aanniev/Public/annie1.jpg OUTLINE PAGE 1/]] [[../../../Http://web.mit.edu/aanniev/Public/annie%202.jpg OUTLINE PAGE 2/]]

Suggestion of roles:

  1. Jenny - Intro, reflection (acknowledgement)
  2. Jen - 1st & last thing on project description,
  3. Will - anything to do w/ ToxR including description and status
  4. Annie - anything to do w/ FecA, same as above
  5. Jessica - direction, reflection (advise for future iGEM)
  6. Maxine - reflection (overview, what we take away, and synthetic bio helpers)
  7. Ray - part of direction and reflection if coming

Requirement: 30 mins, aim for 30 to 40 slides

+ Content -

(note from jen: Here is an off the top of my head list of the kinds of things we want to be talking about, but its 2am, and I'm sure it is far from complete. The intro-info and description info should, in my opinion, probably take up the bulk of the presentation, along the lines of 40-50%. Maybe.)

  • Introduction: What is our project, overall? Why did we choose it?
  • Description of project: Device level diagrams, explaining how the system is designed to work
  • Progress: Where are we? What is there left to do?
  • Future Directions: Is there promise? What has our work shown? Where would we like to be a year from now?
  • Reflections on Synthetic biology

Project Summary on Wiki

Requirement: a page on Wiki with summary of everything
+ Who make the page - Jenny
+ Content - looking at IAP 2004 for ideas, get input from rest of team

Parts Documentation

  1. All of our parts need to be specified in Registry
  2. Documentation of the parts: its usage, cells it's in, each part's regions are defined
  3. Registry should have a copy of all our parts

Who's specifying - Maxine & Annie

Progress Reports

Weekly, by Tues. meeting


-By begin of Oct. finish building constructs

  1. rbs-FecI-rbs-FecR
  2. rbs-FecI-rbs-FecR-Terminator
  3. promoter-rbs-FecI-GFP (test construct)
  4. promoter-rbs-FecR-GFP (test construct)

-By mid Oct. build FecA-scFv and sequence

-By end of Oct. finish constructs

  1. promoter-rbs-FecA-scFv
  2. promoter-rbs-FecA-scFv-GFP (test construct)
  3. final assembly

-Test final system by Nov. 1