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Thanks so much. I'd love to help with the OWW logo. There are two options for this:

1. I can make up something from scratch for the logo.
2. You can provide me with an idea/theme/vision that you would like integrated into the design.

Option 2 is preferable because it will make my job a little easier, and it will also ensure that you are satisfied with what I have done.

Example. To make BBF logo, I took Drew's vision of "Surf Flowers" from the Santa Cruz shirt and the idea of "Cells to Gears" from the parts registry and combined the two so that it is to his liking.

Please e-mail me at jennyn@mit.edu with an idea that you want, or a combination of images, texts, fonts, color schemes (or even a particular color), etc you would like, and I'll do what I can to create the logo for you.

Otherwise, I can dig up something from my brain. :)

Best, Jenny