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June 30

Jenny: We want to test the pathway of ToxR in E. coli in our lab. ToxR is responsive to temp/pH changes in the original organism. When the pathway was transported to E. coli, it was stated that E. coli was not sensitive to pH/temp changes. Any alternative experiments that we can conduct to test the pathway of ToxR to ensure that it works under the conditions that we work?

I'm very interested in how the work on Tar is going.. it seems like a very viable alternative to ToxR. Who's doing work on Tar and how far along is it? Do we know the cascade yet? any problems?

also i know we kinda dismissed the idea of Drosophila cells, but it seems that people work on Drosophila embryonic cells all the time (especially in project lab). My friend and I were discussing this and he mentioned schneider-2 cells.. it might be interesting to get some advisor feedback on this issue and provided our pathways fail us, have back-up plans.

Re: embryonic cells seem inconsistent with the goals listed elsewhere on the wiki [[../Http://model.mit.edu/igem/index.php?title=Goals/]], but might be interesting for discovery of biological phenomena--nk