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Single-Chain Fragment Variable Antibody Piezoimmunosensors

The Big Picture

A biosensor was created using an scFV bound to a gold surface. We can use the anti-rabbit Igg scFV that they created (which includes the heavy, light, and a linker sequence in between) as the secondary antibody in our system. This secondary antibody will be fused to the transmembrane protein.

  • Nonlabeled biosensor with high diagnostic potential for rapid and sensitive detection of antigens.
    • Piezoimmunosensor (PZ) displaying a specifically constructed recombinant antibody on its surface.
    • scFV contained cysteine within the linker aa sequence to join heavy + light chains.
    • Presence of cysteine induced scFv to self-assemble as densely packed rigid monolayer on gold surface of quartz crystal microbalance.
    • Self-assemble monolayer (SAM) exhibited defined orientation and high areal densities displaying 35x as many variable antigen-binding sites per square cm as surfaces modified with whole antibody.
    • Capable of detecting low concentrations of antigens in complex samples.
  • Ideal Biosensor
    • sensitive
    • rapid
    • reliable
    • robust
    • inexpensive

To be continued after lunch.