IGEM:MIT/2005/Signal processing

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  • To eliminate noise from the incoming signal (delivered by the sensor group)
  • To deliver a relatively clean and (usually) modular input to the actuator group


  • Continuous to discrete (C/D) converter
  • Thresholding based on complementary mRNA competition

Current Status

  • Threshold device:
    • All parts obtained, and are currently undergoing assembly (ready by monday probably)
      • I1030 with B0015 --> will be complete
      • I1031 with B0015 --> needs R0010/11
      • I1032 with B0015 --> needs R0010/11
      • E0840 with R0051 --> will be complete

  • C/D: Still looking for appropriate proteins (shelved)

Device Depiction

  • Thresholding device:
    • Sample graphs here: [1]

Threshold protein3.JPG

  • C/D converter:

A-to-d protein.JPG

Device Parts

  • Threshold: Have been specified and ordered (see picture above)


  • Objectives:
    • Ensure TetR::cI fusion works
    • Ensure lambda::GFP fusion works
    • Ensure antisense inihibits cI
  • Strategy:
    • Fix level of IPTG and then vary TetR levels to see the amount of cI needed to express a certain amount of GFP
    • Change IPTG level, then repeat previous step.


  • Do cell lines naturally have TetR repressors? or do I need to insert them?
  • Assembly of various devices: One plasmid? different plasmids?

Need Help With

Nothing.. Nada..


  • Feedback mechanism


  • This group has secondary priority to the rest. It will gain prominence after the other devices are ready.
  • cI system has internal thresholding built into the system. We may not be able to tweak it for our own nefarious purposes.