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Quotes of the Wiki
"Never hesitate to start a riot" Juby Jen "Sarcasm Annie, sarcasm..." Jessica "Can I go zooom?" Annie "Try not to blow anything up"-Drew "T7 is the black hole of despair... coli is just a bag of chemicals."-Drew "I can't eat humid cookies!" -Will "What are human cookies?" -Annie "R is a promiscuous plasmid" -TK "Evil is bad for your health" -Kate "I have a question: how do you sue people?" -Ray "I r0x j00 h4rdc0re cuz 1'm a 7331_h4x0r_N1NJ4_4_L1f3" -- Wiki-ikki-Will to toxRay "Don't destroy my genes! Did I just say 'genes'? Don't destroy my dreams, okay?" - Jenmitch "The feds went nonlinear" - TK "You never know, like the Spanish Inquisition..." - TK "Annie, don't leave me!" - ToxRay Jen: Annie, are you talking to me, or to yourself? Annie: Hmm...both... "They might have grad students... but we have Annie!" -Jen, discussing things with herself "Don't kill yourself" -TK "That 'Blast' thing sucks" -Annie "Your fear is NOT natural" -Annie Annie: I never thought of myself as a geek before! [Mutters] OK, 74.3, 74.3, ok... "You guys are seriously too mushy" - Jen