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What to be used

-Promoter X:
pBAD (may not be compatible w/ MC4100)
R0010 (inducible by IPTG)
R0011 (regulated by LacI)
R0040 (regulated by TetR)
-Terminator: B0015
-RBS: B0030

Things have to be done/decided

  1. FecA, FecI, and FecR relationship w/ respect to control of one promoter
  2. Alternative methods for gene fusion: random mutation by circular permutation and XL1-Red
  • Spec out FecA'-scFv
  • Design primers for internal fusion
  • Spec out FecA-scFv
  • LambdaRed to make our own FecA-
  • Obtain Fur- from Boston Medical Center -- POC Ray
  • Specifying composite parts
  • FecA, FecI, and FecR under same promoter may have issues
  • Make FecA-
  • Delete loops that's not necessary to make the FecA-scFv work