IGEM:MIT/2005/October 4th Team Meeting Agenda

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Status Report

Presentation Updates

Team Name: We'll vote online this week. The top two picks as of now are BioSense and scFv (synthetically created for variability). Other suggestions should be championed, or at least mentioned.

Goal for this week met: Approximate Division of Labor (based upon Annie's initial outline)

Basic outline of Presentation (specifics found on Jamboree Preparation page)

  1. Intro
    • Intro of Team
    • Intro of Project (name, goals, motivation)
  2. Project Description
    • High level system diagram
    • FecA, ToxR: native rold and function -> our design
    • Advantages/Disadvantages of each system
    • Questions we have to answer to build and test the system
  3. Status of Project
    • Present data
    • ToxR
    • FecA
  4. Future directions
    • What our work shows
    • What needs to be done
  5. Reflection
    • Overview of accomplishments
    • What we are taking away with us as participants
    • To future iGEM participants
    • SyntheticBio helpers
    • Acknowledgements

Suggestion of roles:

  • Jenny - Intro, reflection (acknowledgement)
  • Jen - 1st & last thing on project description (open and close)
  • Will - anything to do w/ ToxR including description and status
  • Annie - anything to do w/ FecA, same as above
  • Jessica - direction, reflection (advise for future iGEM)
  • Maxine - reflection (overview, what we take away, and synthetic bio helpers)
  • Ray - part of direction and reflection if coming

Goal for next week: Email out to each other and possibly to advisors outlines of our presentations. The slides need not be made, but we need to know what we're wanting to say.

Project/Lab Updates

Take it away, Annie!

  1. Microscopy & Nanodrop
  2. Fusion - order from Codon & parallel construction
  3. Assembling - still going on
  4. Knock out - going to redo Fur KO transformation
redesign primers for FecA KO
  1. Preparation toward final assembling - J13002 digested