IGEM:MIT/2005/Monday 8/8 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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General Updates

  • We are currently working out what everyone's schedule will be like for the rest of the summer and over the semester
  • We are also transitioning to a new lab bench in Endy lab

SubTeam Updates

Format: What do you hope to achieve this week? What do you need help with? (Also update what you expect your schedule to be under the "Schedule" section.)

Input: Maxine

  • Will look over notes to see where variability may have occurred
  • Check fluorescence of oligos
  • Still in planning stage of what direction we should take
  • Meanwhile will be helping with FecA system

Receiver Head-Unit: Jenny

Check.gif PCR start codon
Pending.gif Pro.RBS.scFv for testing by itself.

Receiver/Transmitter 1 - ToxR : Wiki-Will

  • ctx::gfp made
    • verify after meeting.
  • waiting for ToxR - Alternative Mechanisms for ToxR retrieval?
    • getting my wits about lab, devising plan to deal with numerous fusions (scFv i,ii,and iii, malE, and phoA) and testing them.
    • Give Me ToxR

Receiver/Transmitter 2 - FecA : Annie

  • Friday & Weekend:
+ Competent DY329 cells
+ Reorder primers
+ Ran PCR to make Tetracycline and Chloramphenicol Resistance
  • LAB:
+ FecA, FecR, PhoA QuikChange -- Work w/ Maxine
+ Make FecA- and Fur- -- Work w/ Ray
+ RBS, FecI, FecR -- Work w/ Jenny
+ FecA promoter BB -- Work w/ Jen

Signal Processor: Ray

Actuator: Jessica


  • Maxine
    • Summer: taking the last week before school off (August 31-Sep 7)
    • School year: will take igem for credit (not sure how many hours yet)
    • Attending Jamboree? yes
  • Jenny
    • scFv testing in lab till end of week.
    • Working with Texas team. :D
  • Will
    • Summer: Sister coming this week - missing Friday, maybe part of Monday. Unless ToxR shows up.
    • Parents coming next week - may miss something, probably.
    • considering a week / half week no-work-binge for the tail end of August. Probably depends on if ToxR shows up.
    • School Year: Is 5.12 going to pwn me?
    • Looking at some UROP time (credit/pay undecided). Will we officially/unofficially have full time lab access? Times may not be conventional.
    • will try not to let school get in the way of my education. but I haven't ruled out med. school yet!
    • Attending Jamboree? yes sir, mam.
  • Ray
    • Will leave for Cambridge in October.
    • Attending Jamboree? maybe?
  • Annie
  • Jessica
  • Jen