IGEM:MIT/2005/Monday 7/25 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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  • Will and Maxine
  • next step: experiments with washing cells
  • To look into:
    • pH change indication?
    • MPN
    • thing that natalie said that i don't remember what its called
    • purify cells based on flur. on the outside
    • FACS?
    • quantifying brightness for microscope pictures
    • IP lab -- find a copy


  • ligating today, so should be biobricked soon
  • Jenny


  • Anything we can do to make the arrival of our ToxR and ctx parts go more smoothly?


  • FecA promoter REDO this week
  • order internal primers for FecA and FecI
  • making FecA- strain
  • linker!

Signal Processor

  • lets order assemblies