IGEM:MIT/2005/Monday 7/18 Planning Meeting Agenda

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Today we need to do the following:

  • Check our projected experimental schedule w/ advisor's expertfulness
  • Manpower map discussion/rearrangement


  • Ray:
    1. cI: thresholding might = hard --> talk to TK
    2. see signal processing page for details -- lac I regulated
    3. TO DO: follow up on convo from meeting
  • Annie:
    1. Fur issue was solved: fur not essential gene -- a fur transposon line, but not stable. Decide: keep tracking, or keep our own.
    2. Fec A: should we just make our own?
    3. Internal fusion: we got the technique.
  • Maxine:
    • got an email from scFv people:
      1. scFv don't have to worry about "partial cds",
      2. binding happens at foo region,
      3. gonna get phage-mid.
      4. lets synthesize anti-rabbit scFv
  • Jenny:
    • Lab Mom!