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Periplasm spanning linkers:

  • Summary
    • Efflux pump has 3 components: outer membrane(OM), inner membrane(IM), periplasmic protein
    • Periplasmic components of these pumps are proposed to move the membranes close together
    • Efflux pumps for small molecules and proteins function by different mechanisms
  • Drug Efflux in E. Coli
    • Periplasmic component: AcrA
    • IM: AcrB
    • OM: TolC
    • AcrAB emoves substrates from cell directly into medium
    • TolC proposed to also associate with other several other transport systems
    • AcrB is part of the RND superfamily
    • AcrA is part of the Membrane Fusion Protein
    • OM seem to be interchangeable between different systems
  • Membrane Fusion Protein
    • 2 hydrophobic domains near N/C termini and interact with the IM and OM
    • AcrA also has covalently-linked lipids at N-terminal
    • AcrA = 20nm, highly asymmetric, has alpha-helical region centrally located
    • MFP proposed to work by bringingg the Im and OM together

Mmi 1926 f1.gif