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Our overarching goal is to build a basic biological signal processing system that is modular by design. As of now, we're concentrating on building a sensing device that can take in any input and output PoPs, and not worrying about the internal processing, or the output system. Our system will be designed such that others can plug in any processor/actuator combination, which will respond to the input of their choosing.

In terms of external signal to receiver design, there are two basic ways we have thought of doing this, each with its own caveats and benefits; though we will probably only choose to build one of these, each is a basic proof of concept that the other might work.

  1. [[../Direct communication of antigen and receiver/]]
  2. [[../Secondary/Primary antibody communication system/]]

In terms of receiver to internal signal transduction, there are also two basic systems.

  1. Signal initiation by dimerization
  2. Signal initiation by conformational change