IGEM:MIT/2005/Future Experiments

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Pathway ToxR

  • Test Expression of ToxR
    • Biobrick ToxR gene
    • Tag ToxR w/ antibody recognition/GFP
    • Test for presence of ToxR w/ FACs
  • Test Function of Pathway of ToxR
    • Biobrick ctx promoter
    • Suffix insertion of GFP into ctx promoter plasmid
    • Test pH/temperature changes for presence of GFP
    • Alternative? E. coli not sensitive to temp/pH changes?
  • Test Fusion of ToxR
    • [Marker][ToxR][Transmembrane Protein][Marker]
    • Test for first marker
    • Test for second marker
    • If both present, entire gene is produced!

Pathway FecA

  • Isolate FecA transduction gene sequence
  • Find coding sequences for FecR, FecI, Rpo, TonB, Exb D, Exb B, GFP, and fec promoter
  • Biobrick
  • Screen a linker that work to link FecA and antibody
  • Fuse antibody with FecA w/ diff. linkers to antibody
  • Screen for signal