IGEM:MIT/2005/Friday 9/7

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This is a new article that seems like a relevant and interesting review of antibody engineering, describing scFvs in particular File:EngineeredAbs NatBiot05.pdf


  • There's a microscope in TK's lab in addition to Drew's
  • Access to bld.68, lab and office off hours - will be done Wed. when Drew gets back
  • Lab space: Got it all worked out, I'll show everyone around after the meeting.

Subteam Updates



Head Unit-Jen

  • BurningMan was awesome
  • Will continue to work on scFv-test construct & testing
    • Personally, would like to help with more urgent aspects of project


  • Assemblies
Been using 3-drug method
  • ToxR is toxic in cells?


  • Construction of FecA Pro-RFP, FecA Pro-GFP
Verifying step
  • FecA'
Tried 3-step PCR method but last step failed
Gel diagnosis suggests connection step fails --> advisors?
PLAN: redo 3rd step
  • Fur & FecA KO
PCR CmR and TetR using new primers, only has CmR about right size, TetR controls indicated primer dimers
PLAN: Proceed with Fur KO
Redesign primers for PCR TetR
  • Sequences have come in
scFv-Linker is correct

Signal Processing-Ray



  • Scheduling
-With Advisors
meeting - change date and time
Lab moving
-With Team
meeting - date and time
Team coordination