IGEM:MIT/2005/Friday 8/1 Meeting Agenda

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  • We don't know if the fluor. oligos/molecules are even entering the cell
  • Check on mic. settings
  • Check for autofluor?
  • Controling the pH: fluor. is an indicator
  • Maybe electroporation isn't the best idea
  • Lets clean up our technique so we know how to test our system
  • Lets talk to the advisors -- need some new plans

Head Receiver

  • For the ToxR system, do we need TT?


  • atcc -- order primers
  • start assemblies if parts arrive


  • Lab:
    1. Making FecA', quickchange
    2. coordinating for making parts
  • Ordering primers for fusion, and fecA promoter
  • Gathering materials for transformation
    1. Xgal and IPTG for QuikChange
  • Knockouts: getting constructs -- ASAP

Signal Processing

  • An experiment will happen if assemblies arrive