IGEM:MIT/2005/Friday 8/12 7.02 lab cleanup

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please sign your name next to tasks you'll be in charge of, and feel free to add anything I've forgotten

Restoring 7.02 lab

  • Properly dispose of unwanted Petri plates/cultures from cold room
  • Autoclave used Petri plates
  • Collect/wash used glassware from benches
  • Returning all Pipetmen to appropriate benches
  • Return all gel boxes/equipment to appropriate common benches
  • Restock the following benches according to 7.02 lab standards (ask Kate for contents list) and lock up
    • Bench B
    • Bench C
    • Bench D
    • Bench E
    • Bench F
  • Return PCR machines to appropriate common benches
  • Return Pipet-aids to Bench A
  • Lysol all benches
  • Refill all paper towel holders
  • Remove all papers, notebooks, etc. related to iGEM to a new home in Endy lab
  • Purchase Kate a chocolate product (preferably dark, or milk w/almonds) to thank her for her hospitality

Transition to Endy lab

I'll sign up for this section -- Jen M

  • Identifying spaces in Drew's lab for storing reagents/equipment (-80C, -20C, 4C, room temperature)
  • Transfer reagents from -80C freezer to Drew's lab
  • Transfer reagents from -20C freezer to Drew's lab
  • Transfer reagents from 4C (cold room) to Drew's lab
  • Transfer room temperature reagents (kits, etc.) to Drew's lab