IGEM:MIT/2005/Friday 7/29 Meeting Agendas

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  1. chemically competent
    • cells with oligos fluresced, cells with fluorescein unknown
  2. competent vs. regular
  3. what next?
    • lets do this again
    • FACS this afternoon
    • Will and Max are going to meet with an advisor

Head Receiver

  1. scFvs are biobricks
  2. attach terminator to 3' end
  3. will attach promoter::rbs
  4. getting materials to test


  1. MalE and PhoA are on their way
  2. Lets talk about what we're doing next week
  3. New option: have them built locally


  1. Whats done:
    • FecA wt, FecI, FecR
  2. To do:
    • quick change for FecA, FecR, PhoA
  3. FecA promoter error: need new promoters
  4. scFv linker: SG original linker not the best, according to some. Our linker should be fine. =o)
  5. Still obtaining Fur- strain -- hopefully soon

Signal Processing

  1. hoping our parts will come in
  2. ordered assembled parts


  1. ready and waiting