IGEM:MIT/2005/Friday 7/22 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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SubTeam Updates

(see individual wiki pages for details)

  1. Input Update (Maxine)
  2. Head Receiver Unit Update (Jenny)
  3. Receiver 1 Update (Will)
  4. Receiver 2 Update (Annie)
  5. Signal Processor Update (Ray)
  6. Actuator Update (Jessica - out)

Discussion of Main Issues

(make list as we go along. add an issue if you want).

  1. effect on viability: osmolarity of solution (pressure exerted on cell membrane) -- use sorbitol?
  2. testing scFv: need a const. promoter with RBS -- biobrick -- do western!
    • jenny is point person, get materials to do western early next week
  3. scFv linker-fusion issue
    • why is the linker different than other scFvs?
    • can we introduce another linker, to allow fusion to preserve geometry
    • can we still introduce linker using primers? expensive
  4. Making knock outs: lambda red system. use a non kan, non amp resistance
    • Counter selectable markers:
      1. PurF (involved in uracil synthesis) -- grow in media containing 5'FOA, will be processed by PurF protein, keep cells from growing?
      2. PheS