IGEM:MIT/2005/Day 1 Discussion

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  • What not to do? Complicated or feasible? Taking something to completion seems important.
  • Last year's teams spent half the summer just playing around. Would rather not do that. Deadlines. Let's get this working. Intermediate steps.
  • Inevitable that, since we're doing something that's never been done before, that we'll have to experiment blindly.
  • If components exist that are known to work... let's use those...
  • Finding Nemo thing. Awesome (potentially complicated).
  • Will would like to explore the structural capabilities of E.coli. Can we construct a clot of cells that is a "shape."
  • Propogate a signal in space, as opposed to moving the cells.
  • Do we want to make something that's snazzy or useful (these aren't
    • Eat plaque (could start with simpler system. decouple the problem).
    • Bacteria that can detect levels of glucose, and then produce insulin.
    • Re-writing yeast chromosome
  • Would like to work in yeast, what can you do in yeast.
  • Degrading whatever we don't want...
    • Bioremediation (eat oil)
  • Battery. Photosynthesis -> Energy
    • Current Solar Cells fabrication is environmentally damaging.
    • Living solar cell could have a lot of good applications.
  • Chemical -> Electricity Converter
  • Light driven water purification (use light to make ATP, use ATP to power segreation of ion and other pollutants in water
  • Dewatering of maple syrup?
  • Question. How to connect ATP production to some effector.
  • Vitamin A expression in rice. What about mulit-vitamin rice
  • Etch-a-Sketch, graphing calculator (slit, metrin, robo system from nervous system development).
  • Chemical signaling between two mamallian cells. E.g., how does a cell know to stop growing?
  • Study aging. When and how do cells talk to each other, what do they say?