IGEM:MIT/2005/Beginning of Week Meeting: Monday, July 5

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Top Priority (can be done today)

  1. Figuring out fusion point - where to attach ToxR to scFvs. Need help reading paper.
    • Why was this place chosen on other papers? Use this to help figure this.
    • What else did they try? What didn't work, why?
    • Look at references from article.
  2. Specify this week -> next week's experiments.
  3. Controls, what to expect
  4. Getting cells from Harvard - learning about them, reading papers.
  5. Order Biobricks
    • In parallel: order primers to make BioBricks in lab.
    • scFvs 1-3
    • ToxR

To Do This Week

  • How to get library of fluorecein dimers
  • Get ToxR and ToxR-cI plasmids from Harvard

Converting to BioBrickism

  • Get rid of incorrect restriction sites, attach biobrick ends.
  • See codon usage to ensure efficiency in transcription. (Take out rare codons)
  • Biobrick domains. Allow for exchange of scFv easily.


  • Protein domains - LD linker is fixed.