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Post what you think can be future application of our system, whether make flashy snazzy things, medical related, environmental cleaning, or other scientific applications. The point is to have a list of applications, discuss them, and be able to present them as part of our cool system by the Jamboree.

  • Build a meta system consisting of two smaller systems
    1. Input: glucose. Output: proinsulin.
    2. Input: proinsulin. Output: the enzyme that cleaves proinsulin to insulin.
  • Build a biosensor, using only a primary antibody rather than the modular two-antibody system, that can be put into lakes or rivers or the ocean, and can output toxin-response chemicals.
  • Build a cell signalling system, in which one cell line acts as a sender and another cell line acts as a receiver.
  • Machinery to make compounds that are difficult to synthesize.

Ideal Characteristics of System

  • Utilizes the honing mechanism of antibodies for target detection.
  • Standardized technology for detecting primary antibodies.
  • Programmable biological sensor with interchangeable parts.
  • Generalized system able to perform biospecific, and highly sensitive target recognition.
  • Sensor that can detect a specified antigen to produce PoPs.
  • Minimal Preparation
  • General receptor, programmable, signalling system for bacteria with architecture that allows for general use.
  • Quick, sensitive, robust, and has the ability for evolution.


We are building a platform for cellular sensing and reaction. The platform cell will be capable of sensing a nearly infinite set of molecules, with minimal preparation between sensing types. This could fit an array of applications where a specific molecule must be detected to trigger cellular (re)actions.