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Deadlines to Remember

UNAM_Genomics_Mexico iGEMS: This section was made to remember you about the things you should complete before their deadlines!!

June 6th: Lab Journals, Descriptions, Logo, Fabricio

1. All your personal lab journals updated in OpenWetWare

2. Introductory descriptions (History including advances in iGEM teams (Amhed), General Mechanisms (Claudia and co.), Evolutionary aspects (Daniela?)

3. Logo sumbission to page: All the proposed logos for the logo contest should be uploaded to Dropbox directory "Wiki/Logos"

4. All the general meetings back from this day sshould be in OWW and crystal-clear.

June 8th: Human Practices, Project Names, Project Logo and Style

1.- Discussion of proposals for Human Practice (they need a goal, rationale, and strategy). Existence of proposals won't guarantee carrying out a Human Practice, so quality, originality and impact will be evaluated.

2. Project Name Contest: Everyone must submit at least one name; the names will be voted and the best ones will be subjected to rounds of mutagenesis and selection. Owner of final name will get a prize.

3. Project logo Contest: Same basis as for Project Name Contest. Logos should take on account what the wiki style could be (color, design, mascot...)

June 28th: Logo, Project Name, Human Practices, and ways to collect money

This day the entire team will define the logo (or the changes it must have), the name of the project, ideas to collect money (concerts, T-shirts, etc...), and ideas for the human practices. We MUST have all these before July, as time is running out!

October 16th: Own freeze of work

At this day we finish our WetLab and modeling works. From that day we will work in wiki.