IGEM:Indian Institue of Technology Madras/2009/Notebook/PLASMID - Plasmid Locking Assembly for Sustaining Multiple Insert DNA/2009/08/23

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  • inoculations in chloramphenicol worked!!
  • miniprepped to see whats in it (plasmids)
  • ran a gel of the digests of the I13600, I13602, J23119+S03879(1) and J23119+S03879(2)
  • well order

J23119(E), J23119+S03879(1)(1,E), J23119+S03879(1)(2,E), J23119+S03879(1)(3,E), J23119+S03879(2)(1,E), J23119+S03879(2)(2,E), J23119+S03879(2)(3,E), S03879(E), I13600(E/P), I13602(1)(E/P), I13602(2)(E/P)

  • meet at 10
  • Transformed J04450 and I13521
  • the Plates were kept in the fridge instead of the incubator !!!! :((