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The aim of this experiment was to test the Zinc Hypothesis. That is whether Zinc ions are required for AiiA Activity.

Extra Information

  • The cultures were innoculated with a final AHL concentration of 5nM
  • The I13208 were grown in the prescence of AHL for 2 hours
  • The T9002 assays were assessed after a period of 2 hours
  • Although a T9002 control for M9 was ommitted, previous experiments suggest a GFP/OD reading of 9500 for 0 AHL and 22000 for 5nM AHL after 3.5 hours
  • Previous experiments also suggest a GFP/OD reading of 87000 for 5nM AHL when in LB culture after 3.5 hours.



  • The experimental data gave unexpected results
    • The Flourescence/OD490 for both LB cultures was below that of the T9002 control
    • Only the -/Zn of the M9 cultures showed a significantly lower level of GFP/OD than the rest, this is unexpected


  • No significant conclusion can be drawn from this experiment
  • It should be repeated
  • Controls using I13208 cells not in the prescence of AHL should be used
  • Controls of T9002 in M9 should also be used