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Rapid response, low noise, sigma54

Lilley et al (2000) - Interesting article which discribes signalling in Vibrio harveyi by LuxO and Sigma-54. Apparently luxU works as an activator of a sigma54 RNAP to induce expression of a repressor of luminescence.

Parker et al. (2006) - fimbriae synthesis controlled by two-component system using a sigma 54 dependent pathway.

  • Chris D Hirst 12:06, 15 July 2010 (EDT): At a glance, neither of these papers refers to E. coli sigma 54, it would be useful to have some papers regarding the sigma 54 in a chassis that was being considered for use. It would also help to have some papers to back up the low noise and rapid response claims. How low is low? Depending on your system, low, as in one protein low, could be enough to cause serious problems. How rapid is rapid, compared to what? And which step is rapid?