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This week, the XylE Team continued to work on the GFP-XylE fusion protein. Wolf joined the team to help with the workload, and the catechol assays were started.

The Surface Protein Team did a PCR to obtain the LytC cell wall binding domain (CWBD) from the B. subtilis genome for ligation into pSB1C3 and subsequently transformation into E. coli. They also started cloning pVEG.

The modellers had a meeting with Dr Bultelle regarding further improvement and development of the output amplification model and getting opinion on the developed protein display model.

On Thursday night, we all went to Nick’s house for pizza and a few drinks. Kirill graced Earl’s Court with a midnight run and Piotr showed off his amazing dancing skills.

For Cake Friday, Florian made a very impressive homemade cheesecake. Clearly his cooking skills are as good as his lab skills!