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Part I13208: AiiA Enzyme Test


The motivation behind testing this to part is to test the Zinc Hypothesis, and to test qualitatively if AiiA is hydrolysing AHL.

Materials & Equipment

  • Equipment
    • Wallac Victor 3 Multi-Well Fluorimeter
    • Ependorf Tubes
    • Gilson Pippettes
    • 37oC Shaker
  • Materials
    • AHL
    • GFP Standard Solution
    • E.coli Growth Medium w/Ampicilin (LB/M9)
    • E.coli DH5a Culture Containing I13208


  • Inoculate two cultures each from 10ul of stored I13208 in 2ml of both LB and M9 growth medium containing 50ug/ml Ampicilin.
  • Incubate at 37oC for overnight in a shaker.
  • Following day, prewarm LB/M9 to 37oC by placing in the 37oC incubator
  • Measure and record OD600_1 in report sheet
  • Inoculate a 2ml fresh culture from the o/n to bring back the OD600 to 0.1, use prewarmed LB/M9 + Ampicilin.
    • Volume used to inoculate new culture = (0.1/OD600_1)*2ml
  • Return LB/M9 to incubator
  • Incubate new cultures at 37oC for 2 hours in a shaker - This returns cells to exponential phase
  • Measure and record the OD600_2 in report sheet
  • Dilute again for an OD of 0.1 in a new culture of 10ml of a prewarmed LB/M9 + Ampicilin.
    • Volume used to inoculate new culture = (0.1/OD600_2)*10ml
  • Vortex new I13208 cultures.
  • Pipette 990μL of each of the two cultures into 4 labelled ependorf tubes
    • M9/+IPTG/+ZN
    • M9/+IPTG/-ZN
    • M9/-IPTG/+ZN
    • M9/-IPTG/-ZN
    • LB/+IPTG/+ZN
    • LB/+IPTG/-ZN
    • LB/-IPTG/+ZN
    • LB/-IPTG/-ZN
  • To the +IPTG ependorfs add 1μL IPTG
  • To the +ZN ependorfs add 1μL Zinc Chlroide
  • Add 10μL of 500nM AHL to all tubes

Not Finished