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  • With the design ready and the modelling stage showing some promising results, the next step is really to put things together.
  • Genetic engineering techniques are applied to assemble the different parts (ligations through the standard biobrick assembly).
  • This is one of the most time consuming stage in the project, with often a lot of uncertainty.
  • It is recommended to have a strict quality control protocol. It will save you weeks to make sure that you start from the part you think and that you end up with the construct you want to use in the future (run gels and sequence when possible).
IGEM IMPERIAL Methodology Implementation.png


  • List of all the parts needed for each construct specifying if they are available or if they need to be built.
  • Ligation chart defining how the different assemblies will be perform in parallel, and to always keep on update of the current status.
  • Wiki page for each construct to track easily the lab work done and the one to be done.


  • Wiki.
  • Lab notebook.
  • Gantt chart editor for the ligation chart.