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This page is to give information about the chemostat.

The effect of dilution rate on concentrations of Proteins in the culture

  • Read the page on chemostats in Brock Biology of Microorganisns First It is in the library
  • The Chemostat will keep the OD of the culture Constant
  • If the chemostat only contains J37015 then the Concentration of AHL (once steady state has been reached) will be constant. This final OD will depend on the Medium
    • Altering the flow rate will not change AHL steady state. This is because increacing the flow rate increaces the washout rate, but it also increaces the growth rate of the cells so the rate of AHL production increaces by exactly the same amount, so the concentration remains the same. Increacing the flow rate will however increace both the production and washout rates of our proteins (the main cause of removal from the media is washout), thereby shortening the time period of our oscilations! This shortening of the time period will not result in a change in amplitude of the oscilations. Ask JohnChattaway 08:17, 31 August 2006 (EDT) if you have any questions