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Project Description

  • Introduction to the specific problem/application that we would like to target (max 150 words)
  • Motivations behind the choice (max 100 words)
  • Previous iGEM projects or papers in this area, to give us an idea how novel this idea is (max 5 references)
  • Present your overall project as a black-box with well defined inputs/outputs.
  • Decompose your overall project into functional modules that you will later describe in more details.


  • Present a list of suitable specifications for the overall project and its functional modules.
  • Try to think of both general considerations such as
    • choice of chassis e.g. use of non-pathogenic strains in food applications
    • and specific considerations e.g. for a specific biosensor having a defined detectable output and sensitivity
  • Do not forget environmental pressures...


  • Present your design for the particular application/problem
  • Try to split your project into different layers of complexity and consider the inputs and outputs at each layer
    • Black Box overall design (e.g.at culture level),
    • BlackBox cellular level,
    • Genetic Device,
    • individual modules of this device,
    • BioBricks of each module
  • Implementation Issues
    • Physical Setup
    • Practical issues (e.g drug delivery: how would it take place?)
    • A little scenario would be helpful


  • At what levels of your design would it be useful to model?
  • Are there already some existing models?
    • of the whole system?
    • of some parts of the system?
  • What kinds of modelling techniques do you think of using?
  • Parameters of the model(s)
    • are some parameters available?
    • else is a spec sheet available that could be used to estimate them?
    • else how could you obtain some with well designed experiments?
  • What questions do you want our model to answer?


  • What type of measurements/characterisation do you propose to perform?
    • have you already foudn some useful experimental protocols.
  • Any special equipment or expertise required, if yes any available at Imperial?
  • PS: remember modules will have to be characterised separately... that is you will have to break up the complexity of the whole system and design experiments accordingly


Here are two good examples of previous project proposal presentation: