IGEM:IMPERIAL/2009/MultiPill Feedback

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Feedback from MultiPill Project

  • The body language does not convey exitement about the idea, it makes it more difficult for people to be positive about your idea.
  • Encoding of information using light wavelength and pulse(temporal encoding)
  • A lot of biological detail that is maybe a bit too condensed
  • Too ambitious?
    • We have to perform, we need results
    • Good conceptual framework
    • What are we going to do in the lab
    • Can you encapsulate bacteria, can you produce drugs
  • What are the fondamental things that we want to check?
    • Transport from A to B, seems possible, Kun found evidence
  • Why have moved towards more complex from a simpler project
    • Delivery and scretion of proteins triggered this migration
  • Fondametal problem
    • Drug approval: key bit is the definition of dose, this would never pass FDA

Engineering points

  • This is a competition: we are out there to win
    • We have to do well this time
    • College Money: ~£35k/year
    • Its not a research project
    • Deliver something that WORKS
    • Today, the competition is tougher, we need to perform, the criteria are stronger
  • Last week's project was god, simple, it is placed in the pharmaceutical strategies
  • If you can break the project down into phase, it can have a progress report