IGEM:IMPERIAL/2009/Auto Encapsulating Pills

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Diabetes is characterised by an inability to either respond to or produce sufficient insulin. We intend to remedy this by subcontracting pancreatic function to the intestinal epithelia.


1: Cultured Lactobacillus cells accumulate a protein product until a threshold level is reached.

2: Reaching the threshold is accompanied by deletion of the plasmid on which the protein is encoded.

3: Plasmid deletion is followed by expression of modified S layer protein which is encoded on the genome.

4: Cells are either separated based on charge differences or exposed to a super saturated solution and then separated based on encapsulation.

5: Encapsulation is intended for A: transport & storage B: Product dilution via division.

6: A certain amount of encapsulated Lactobacillus is administered orally.

7: Stomach acid removes capsule.

8: S layer facilitates intestine endothelial docking.

9: GLP 1 is secreted by docked cell.

Genes of Interest

Feedback from brain storming

10th july

Autoencapsulating cells Feed back: Look at how you define and make the genetic circuit more modular. Threshold detector/timer? Need inducible promoter or encounter problems. Whats the input output? How to evaluate performance? Timer: Customize delay… Thoughts: Big picture: Why could it be good to deliver protein based medication? MOTIVATION Getting hydrated proteins in. How much overexpression/surface coverage do you need to get a continous shell? KEY: SPEED AND UNIFORMITY. Self optimizing cells.

15th July

- Show a bit more about the genetic circuit (draw network) : Cell designer?/powerpoint?
- Encapsulation in yoghurt?
- Overall aim and big picture of the project?: Delivery of peptides,storage, motivation...
- New chassis? Possible challenges?