IGEM:IMPERIAL/2009/Assays Protocols/Testing Constructs

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Testing Constructs


II09 ConstKey1.jpg

Module 0

II09 M0 C1.jpg
II09 M0 C2 1.jpg

Module 1

II09 M1 C3.jpg
II09 M1 C4.jpg
II09 M1 C5.jpg
II09 M1 C6.jpg
II09 M1 C7.jpg
II09 M1 C8.jpg
II09 M1 C9.jpg
II09 M1 C10.jpg
II09 M1 C11.jpg

Module 2

II09 M2 C12.jpg
II09 M2 C13.jpg
II09 M2 C14.jpg
II09 M2 C15.jpg
II09 M2 C16.jpg
II09 M2 C17.jpg
II09 M2 C18.jpg
II09 M2 C19.jpg
II09 M2 C20.jpg

Module 3

II09 M3 C21.jpg
II09 M3 C22.jpg
II09 M3 C23.jpg
II09 M3 C24.jpg
II09 M3 C25.jpg
II09 M3 C26.jpg
II09 M3 C27.jpg

Note: Building constructs 14, 15 and 16 will be determined after testing construct 13. Depending on the results from the Harvard BB (K098995), we may need to create our own BB (Construct 14) with the synthesised plambda promoter. The synthesised plambda promoter sequence is slightly different sequence to that found in the registry.