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<calendar> name=IGEM:IMPERIAL/2008/Calendar date = 2008/07/29 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=2008/07/01 </calendar>


  • Yanis Journal Club today (1400) - Environmental Sensing, Chris Wright
  • Drylab will be continuing with tutorials
  • Wetlab will order sequences and reagents today
    • Testing bacterial synthesis... How do we know our material is being secreted rather than just the cells being lysed on production?
      • Produce without signal sequence
      • Tack on a reporter that is not secreted - if that turns up on the gel with the biomaterial we've got lysis
    • Protocols: James, Chris, Tom & Krupa will split into two groups - Cloning and B. subtilis culturing
      • Each will organise the relevant protocols, but we'll all pitch in for the actual wetlab work
  • QQ will be away for 2 weeks, possibly longer
  • Email for microscope training to be sent today
    • Microscope work will require a motile E. coli strain
  • Journal Clubs coming up:
    • Thursday: Erika & Clinton - T7 Promoters
    • Friday: Krupa & James - Craig Venter
    • Monday: Chris and Prudence - Quorum Sensing
    • Tuesday: Tom and Yanis - Division and death in bacteria


Vincent put up a list of things he wants to know about... sometime... It's a good way to structure our work, anyhow. It's pasted below, please put your names next to things you'll take care of! Basically I've made a few pages (linked in the Navbar) for each team, and we need to put up concise explanations and summaries of progress. Eventually we'll probably copy and paste a lot of this to the official wiki; so when you're doing internal links, please call them Team:Imperial_College/PageName. That way when we copypasta everything over, pages will already point to the right place... Oh, and if you make a new page, remember to put {{Imperial/StartPage}} at the top and {{Imperial/EndPage}} at the bottom. [:

"Hi iGEMers,

I hope you are all doing well. I would be really interested to catch-up with the iGEM project.

Before we meet again, could someone send me a list of links from your OWW wiki related to the following topics (please no .doc or .pdf as they are not collaboration friendly):

1- Design of your final construct + basic description of its expected behaviour (no sequences needed) - Tom

2- Design of your test constructs + basic description of their use (no sequences needed)- James

3 - Protocols: - wet lab group

       + b.subtilis culture
       + b.subtilis comptent cell preparation
       + b.subtilis DNA chromosomal integration
       + b.subtilis and time lapse microscopy
       + b.subtilis motility assay
       + test construct protocols
       + others that I have missed ?

4 - Your wet lab shopping list - james

5 - Update on the motility analysis - erika

6 - Update on the biomaterial production - prudence

7 - Update on the light sensing system - clinton

8 - description of the different working groups (people involved and scope of the working group) -

9 - Your current planning for the project and sub-projects (deadlines and deliverables)

10 - Also it would be great if you could also comment on the current challenges you are facing in the project - everyone

thanks and see you soon,