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Interested in joining the Imperial College team for the summer 2007 ?

The recruitment is over for the iGEM 2007. Contact us if you are interested to join the iGEM 2008 (igem.imperial2007(AT)googlemail.com).

IGEM 2007 Description.png

iGEM is a unique competition in the cutting-edge field of Synthetic Biology

  • It involves undergraduate teams from leading universities around the world (MIT, Harvard, Princeton, ETH, Cambridge ...)
  • It is an intensive UROP placement taking place over the summer.
  • Allows to develop invaluable skills such as project management, oral presentation, team work, initiative and creativity.

Want to learn more about Synthetic Biology & iGEM?
Curious about what Imperial College iGEM team did in 2006? The Imperial College Reporter -- IC News -- IC website


We are seeking 6-8 highly motivated undergraduate students from Imperial College who are:

  • in their 2nd year (for life scientist) or 3rd year (of a 4 year degree for engineering students)
  • committed to work full time on the project
  • from various backgrounds (engineering, biology, computer sciences, ….)
  • enthusiastic about research, and full of initiative and curiosity when it comes to learning new stuff.
IC Calendar.png

Recruitment timetable:

  • Thanks to all the Imperial students who have already expressed their interest in joining the iGEM 2007 team.
  • On Friday February 16th, we will email everyone on how to get into the selection process.

Selection process procedure

  • first selection based on your CV + your essays on specified topics
  • short listed candidates will be invited for an interview.
  • we plan to have the team formed by mid-March.

To receive an application package or if you have any further questions, send an email to : igem.imperial2007(AT)googlemail.com

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