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List of parts we find potentially useful for a project.

Input type

inducible promoters

  • hybB (cold shock promoter):<bbpart>BBa_J45503</bbpart>
  • htpG (heat shock promoter):<bbpart>BBa_J45504</bbpart>


sensing parts

  • Aspartate Chemotaxis
    • Description: Chemotaxis
    • Potential Use:
    • Link: BBa_C0082


Logic gates

  • Invertor
    • Description:A transcription factor [LuxR] (BBa_C0062) that is active in the presence of cell-cell signaling molecule 3OC6HSL is controlled by a tetR regulatable operator (BBa_R0040). Device input is 3OC6HSL. Device output is PoPS from a LuxR-regulated operator. If used in a cell containing TetR then a second input signal such as aTc can be used to produce a logical AND function.
    • Potential Use: Logic circuits
    • Link: BBa_F2620
  • Tet Invertor
    • Description: A standar invertor where TetR represses ptet
    • Potential Use: Found in thermostat
    • Link BBa_Q04400
  • AND gate
    • Description: X verter RBS regulation prototype. Output given only if both the genes are expressed.
    • Potential Use: Logic circuits
    • Link: BBa_J32008





  • Biphasic
  • Toggle


  • Quorum Sensing
  • Cell-Cell Communication

Output type

Light related reporters

  • GFP
    • description:
    • potential use:
    • link:<bbpart>BBa_E0040</bbpart>

PH related


  • Banna, Vanilla , Wintergreen [MIT 2006]



  • The dark side of the cell is an audio-visual event treating one of the most interesting recent discoveries in nano-biotechnology: cellular sounds.
  • Link: http://www.darksideofcell.info/

Useful enzymes